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GROW Photo Workshop | Continuing Ed | Sisters, OR

When I found out that I was going to be able to attend a photography workshop taught by an internationally-known photographer in Sisters, Oregon last month, I was super pumped.

Kevin Kubota is a fun, talented and most of all genuine person and photographer. He is super knowledgeable about photography and running a successful business. He and his wife, Clare, are very forth-coming with information and suggestions. I learned so much from everyone that week and made many new friends and even brought home some new lighting equipment, the Luna Grip.

The workshop covered everything from lighting, marketing, posing, pricing, workflow, and one-on-one time with Kevin and Clare. We had the best models to photograph and Kevin provided different equipment to try out. One of the mornings was spent hiking up to Eagle Rock for a sunrise photo shoot with Jesslyn, one of our models for the day. A person can see for miles up there!

My family and I make a trip every summer to visit family in that area but this time I drove the 700 miles (each way) by myself. While that may seem like a long drive (believe me it was) it was kind of peaceful. I was able to choose the music I wanted and even listened to and finished an audio book. It also gave me time to think about my business and my goals and marketing ideas and…and…and…it was good that my smartphone has a voice recorder app so that I could keep track of all my thoughts and ideas!

If asked if I would do it again, my answer would be absolutely!!

I should also add that if you ever get a chance to stay at the Five Pines Lodge in Sisters, Oregon, you will not be disappointed. The lodge is beautiful, there are two restaurants, a spa, a gym, a brewery and a movie theater right there on their campus.

Crystal Nance Photography | Helena, Montana | Portrait Photographer

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