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Addy & Parker | Family Portraits | Helena, MT

You know what I love about kids? They are going to do whatever it is, THEY want to do. You can ask for a smile but if they don’t want to give you one, they won’t. You can beg and plead with them and even bribe them, but if they don’t want to smile, they’re not going least not without making you really work for it!

This week I had the opportunity to photograph Addisyn and her little brother Parker. And although it was a little chilly and windy, we braved the weather and went ahead with our shoot. Not only are they both totally adorable but Addisyn is one of those kids that will look at the camera and automatically smile. Now, I know that not every child is like this so when I get to shoot children that smile on cue, I truly appreciate it. Parker was a little more serious. He was teething that day and I can tell you he was not in the mood to smile. Can you blame him though? In the end he gave me a few smiles but he made me work for every little grin he gave me.

Crystal Nance Photography | Children's Portrait Photography | Helena, MT

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