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Caleb | Children's Portraits | Helena, MT

Caleb, Caleb, Caleb…what can I say? In the words of Chandler (Chandler Bing from the show “Friends”) Can he BE any cuter?

He celebrated his first birthday recently and I talked mom into doing a cake smash. So after making sure everything that could possibly get dirty was covered, we began. Mom placed Caleb in his spot and turned around to grab the cake. Caleb stood and waddled away. Mom grabbed him, put him back in his spot, turned to get the cake and Caleb giggled and headed right for the toys. Mom wrangled him in again, only this time, I was ready with the cake. As soon as he saw that cake, he sat still, his eyes lit up and a little squeal of excitement came from his tiny mouth. I put the cake in front of him, mom handed me my camera, I brought it up to my eye and he had already started eating it.

Caleb only gave me about 2 minutes or so to photograph before that cake was totally destroyed! But boy was it F-U-N and messy, and obviously, he likes chocolate cake! A boy after my own heart! (sigh).


If you decide to ever photograph a cake smash, I suggest that you use something that you are not worried about staining as your backdrop/floordrop. Disposable table clothes or plain white sheets work great and are a breeze to clean up. Be sure to have Mom or another helper there to assist in keeping the child in that area unless you want cake and frosting EVERYWHERE! But most of all, HAVE FUN!!


Crystal Nance Photography | Creative Portraits | Helena, Montana

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